– Go to the link:
– Enter Room number: TWDCBRY0
– Enter your name and surname.
– Start answering the questionnaire.
– Click FINISH QUIZ when you are completely sure and you want to send your answers.

There are 27 questions. You have to keep our Twinspace open to answer the questions because they focus on information you have shared with your European mates in this platform and you will have to read and revise all that information at the same time as you answer the Quiz.

Once you start, if you don’t have time to finish, you can have a rest, stop and continue later on or next day (you don’t have to finish in a run), but you have to keep the application open in your navigator, you mustn’t close it or click FINISH QUIZ until you are finished. You have ONE try.

TIME LIMIT: Wednesday, 9th March

PRIZE: The first student who answers all the questions correctly, wins either a meal (lunch or dinner) in a restaurant of his/her town for a value of up to 100EUR, or the equivalent in money. You can invite a/some friend/s to the meal.

Enjoy it!!!