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Approaching Europe and its job opportunities

What is the project about?

The project seeks to promote an active role of the students in the research of information, to improve their personal, professional and social competences , and teachers will be the facilitators. The project we have developed, called “Approaching Europe and its Job Opportunities”, lays the emphasis on the students’ learning more about their own culture and labor situation, and those of our European countries.

There are five partners in this project: four VET schools in four different European countries (Italy, France, Germany and Spain), whose students will play an active role in the exchange of information and creation of a final guide of good educational practices; and an Italian NGO with experience in European projects, which leads us in the preparation of the project, in the search for suitable partners and in the dissemination of the results.

Through specific actions and commitments related to intellectual activities and, ultimately, learning through action (PBL – Project Based Learning Methodology), we aim to train students, strengthen and increase their different skills (personal, social and professional), such as cooperation among students and the community that surrounds them, leading them in conflict resolution and interpersonal sensitivity and awareness to issues such as respect for multiculturalism, a sense of being part of a huge entity that is called Europe, the need for learning languages, the possibility of getting a job abroad, etc.

We understand that the interpersonal behavior of young people is essential and it plays an important role in the acquisition of social, cultural and economic reinforcement of the community. 

This project is approached from the illusion and the belief that European education systems in coordination with their communities can meet the new challenges of coexistence and responsible citizenship in the 21st century Europe.
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The Logo Contest

We received the Logos designed by the pupils from the four schools 
partner of AEJO project, the 15th of December 2015. The participation of the student has been great and we had some fabulous options to choose among. Check out the logos submitted and find out more about our project clicking on the botton below.

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Gardner's Test

We have been assessing our students through the Gardner’s test, 
in order to assess their skills and be able either to benchmark the 
competencies of the student’s and every single profile involved in the 
target group (including teachers).  Click on the button below and/or check our e-Twinning Space.
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The VET schools have been introducing themselves using funky videos; 
They have been conceived, designed and filmed by the students, supervised by their teachers and the staff of the schools partner of AEJO project. 
Here is the Lipdub filmed at "CIP Tafalla", click on the button below to see them all.
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Get To Know Each Other Contest

The students have been involved into activities and challenges to get to know each other. They have been encouraged to start a dialogue either to boost their language and networking skills and to learn more about different European cultures. Check out our website and/or the e-Twinning space
Education Systems Comparative Survey 

The partners have been discussing about the education system and compering them in order to find differences and similarities. The goal is to set up project together, fostering the exchange of students. 
Check out our web page and find out more about Spanish, French, German and Italian education systems. 

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